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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the refund policy for ESL classes?

Refund request MUST BE MADE IN PERSON in room 200, Hickory Ridge Building. 


For Free Classes

For Pay Classes

Before 1st class begins

100 percent refund

100 percent refund

Before 3rd class begins

Possible refund of materials fee if books have no marks or erasures.  No refund otherwise. 

100 percent tuition minus fees (fees range from $40-$120 depending on the class)

After 3rd class begins

No refund

No refund

Materials fees are nonrefundable.  Scheduled class sessions, not your attendance, determine the refund.  (For example, if you have missed classes, the stated refund policy still applies.)

Any exceptions to the Refund Policy must be made in writing and accompanied by official documentation. The Director of English Language Center shall evaluate such requests.

2.  Why do I have to take a placement test?  Is it graded?

The Placement Test helps us make sure that you get registered for the right class for your personal level of ability.  The test is not graded and is confidential.  It is used only to help us match you to the right class so that you won't waste your time and money in a class that's too easy or too difficult for you.

3.  Is there a Payment Plan available for ESL students?

Yes.  Payment plans are available under certain conditions and are subject to approval by the Finance Office. 

To arrange a payment plan, you must set it up in person at the Finance Office on the same day you register for a class.  A $25 non-refundable fee and 50% of the entire course cost are required at this time.  The remaining 50% balance must be paid off one month before the class ends.  For classes that are shorter than one month, whether or not you are able to set up a payment plan is dependent on how early you register.  The earlier you register and set up a payment plan, the more beneficial it is as you will have more time to spread out your payments.  Contact Margie Butler in the Finance Office at 443-518-4758 if you are interested in arranging a payment plan.

4.  What is the age requirement for taking the non-credit ESL classes?

Student must be 16 or older to register.

5.  How do I apply to teach in the English Language Center (ELC)?

Please send a cover letter and resume to the Director of the ELC, Rebecca Price:
Please click on this link for more information about applying a job in the ELC.

6.  How do I apply to volunteer in an ESL classroom?

Please direct inquiries about volunteer positions to Kathie Martin:

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