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Noncredit Continuing Education Spring & Summer 2015 Courses

NOTE: Room numbers are posted in each building lobby on the day of class.





Classical Drawing
This class will help you develop your technical skills. After completing it, you will be able to center a composition, render the objects reasonably and in proportion and perspective, and execute the four elements of shading. With still-life as the subject matter and graphite pencils as the media, you will learn how to begin and complete a large finished drawing. Instructor Jennifer Littleton is a graduate of MICA, experienced teacher, founder of the Littleton School of Art, and member of the Charcoal Club of Baltimore. Absolutely no experience needed! The instructor will give a materials list the first day. Estimated cost of supplies is $50. Enroll early, class size is limited to 10. $129** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 6:30pm-9pm, Jul 22-Aug 26
   XE-155 6928 #4582 Hickory Ridge

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Drawing in Pastels ★NEW!★
Students will draw from observing a still life set up only for taking pictures. Bring your own camera and decide which picture to choose. Take your drawing ability a step further by applying color and adding more details to your drawing. Please have materials the first day of class. Aqua Net super hold (which is a fixative so the medium will be fixed on the surface), drawing pencils, shammy cloth, masking tape, BFK paper, 3 sheets 16x24 pastel pad or larger and charcoal or vine sticks. $120** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 10am-1pm, Jun 6-Jun 27
   XE-287 M1656   #5894 Laurel College Center

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For art lovers who want to have fun through "doodling" with an ink pen and a little color. You can transform your illustrations into cake designs, tee shirts, and logos. $30** (fee based, no waivers)
Sat 10am-1pm, May 30
   XE-271 M1646   #5805 Laurel College Center

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Foundations of Watercolor Painting
Have you always enjoyed the appearance of a realistic transparent watercolor but wondered how to achieve it? In this course, students will learn, through a systematic process, how to execute a detailed line drawing, transfer it to watercolor paper, and practice flat washes with round and flat brushes. In addition, students will learn through discussion and demonstration how to create tints, complementary colors, and the use of color theory. Students can anticipate utilizing numerous practice sheets to gain mastery of techniques to render one monochromatic and one full-color painting. Students will be inspired and revitalized by attending. Jennifer Littleton, founder of the Littleton School of Art, award-winning water colorist and MICA graduate,is the instructor. Materials list will be distributed at the first class. Note: Cost of supplies estimated at $85. $149** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 6:30pm-9pm, Jul 20-Aug 24
   XE-224 6356 #6906 Hickory Ridge

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Oh Wait There’s More: Collage Techniques ★NEW!★
Rev up your collage experience with an expanded repertoire of materials and techniques. Work on wood or canvas supports, using an assortment of gels, household materials and alternative methods of attaching objects and materials. Papers modified with stamps and other materials will be the starting point for class projects. Techniques will include making stamps, image transfers, acrylic skins, and painted aluminum foil. Suggested prerequisite: Abstract Collage. Note: Additional cost of materials estimated at $30. $159** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 10am-1pm, Jun 13-Jul 25
   XE-270 J1663 #6951 Laurel College Center

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Design and Create Jewelry!
The former owner of The Beader's Workshop will teach you how to design a classic beaded necklace, create stunning wire-wrapped bauble rings, and make chandelier earrings. Each student is required to purchase a bead kit complete with everything needed for the three projects from the instructor. Cost for kit is $55. Tools are available for use and purchase. Projects are subject to change. $55** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Jun 1-Jun 15
   XE-528 M1645   #5801 Laurel College Center

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry ★NEW!★
How many times have you commented on a friend's embellished glass necklace, bracelet or ring? Pat Stein, instructor of Glass Fusing: Pins, Pendants and Bracelets, will help you create your own designs. Learn the fine art of wire wrapping by adorning your glass cabochons with several unique creations. Bring your glass pieces from a previous fused glass jewelry class or cabochons will be provided. Tools and colored copper wire are included in the material fee. $89** (includes $65 in fees*)
Sat 1pm-4pm, Jun 6
   XE-264 6360   #4772 Hickory Ridge 120

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Glass Fusing: Pins, Pendants and Bracelets
Create beautiful, wearable works of art using fusible glass, dichroic glass, frit and mosaic pieces. Join Pat Stein, an experienced instructor in all things glass, to make jewelry for yourself and/or to give as a gift. All materials and supplies will be provided and instructor will fire all pieces. Absolutely no experience is needed. $89** (includes $65 in fees*)
Sat 1pm-4pm, May 30
   XE-252 6396   #4602 Hickory Ridge 120

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Floral Design
Work with a professional floral designer and create your own unique arrangements. With a variety of fresh cut flowers and greens, create a floral arrangement of your choice. Learn how to assemble an unusual spring basket that will last for weeks. A floral arrangement will add fragrance and color to your home and a creative and colorful fresh centerpiece will be a kick-off to summer. All supplies will be provided. Sessions will be held at Wilhide’s Flowers, 3956 Cooks Lane, Ellicott City. $75** (includes $65 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9:30pm, May 19 (Bouquet)
   XE-612 6927 #5660 Wilhide’s Flowers
Tue 7pm-9:30pm, Jun 16 (Centerpiece)
   XE-612 6928 #5662 Wilhide’s Flowers

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Advanced Floral Design: Tributes
This course is designed for individuals pursing professional development training in floral design and provides instruction on creating large floral designs or displays, with emphasis on those intended for tribute.  Topics will include standing piece funeral arrangements, set pieces and special compositions.  Students should bring a floral knife and wire cutters to class.  A $250 floral supply fee is payable to the instructor the first day of class. $125 (tuition includes $40 fee)
► Fri   6:30-8:30pm May 8-Jun 5  
   XB 117 M1625 #9975  Laurel College Center

Explorations in Printmaking ★NEW!★
Printmaking is probably the most rewarding and least intimidating of all art disciplines. Explore historical woodcuts, etchings, and ancient printing traditions, from varied cultures to contemporary poster artists. You will experiment with the block printing process and use multiple colors on different papers, stationary, collages, T-shirts and frameable boards. No formal art training is required. Just bring your fearless imagination. Instructor Patricia Taylor has dyed, painted and printed fashion prototypes for designers Ralph Lauren and Betsy Johnson and designed costumes for Disney,the Met and Santa Fe Opera. $105** (includes $55 in fees*)
Wed 6:30pm-8:30pm, May 20-Jun 10
   XE-242 6320   #0406 Oakland Mills High School

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Digital Camera Basics Workshop
Start from the very beginning! Learn digital camera operation, photographic principles and get some hands-on experience with your camera. Lunch talk on basic composition principles. Bring your digital camera (charged or with fresh batteries), its manual and a bag lunch with you. Enroll early; class size limited to 16. $89** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 9:30am-3:30pm, Jul 11
   XE-448 6361 #1475 Horowitz Arts Center

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Picture This-Image Transfers
Create your own abstract art work using photographs and photocopies. This one-day workshop, taught by artist Sharon Robinson, will introduce you to techniques, materials and tools that will allow you to incorporate representative imagery into mixed media gems. Make assorted image transfers from copies and enhance old photographs to stand alone or be integrated into a collage. Please bring several black and white and color laser (not inkjet) photocopies of your favorite images and photographs to class. Additional photos, copies and materials will be provided. Instructor can be emailed with questions. $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 10am-3pm, Aug 22
XE-177 J1662 #6937 Laurel College Center
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West Coast Swing/Cha Cha
Whether you want to swing or sway, you’ll learn these two cool dances. Dress comfortably and come prepared to learn some new and dramatic steps. Raymond Clifton, an experienced instructor, has taught all levels of dance, from the beginner to the advanced student, for nearly 30 years. No partner necessary. $65** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 7pm-8pm, Jun 22-Jul 27
   XE-458 6346 #1476 Fellowship Hall
(For directions to Fellowship Hall, call 443-518-4659. )

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Club Salsa/Merengue
Learn some of the hottest Latin dances today, dancing to rhythmic Salsa and Merengue music. Raymond Clifton, an experienced instructor, has taught all levels of dance, from the beginner to the advanced student, for nearly 30 years. No partner necessary. $65** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 7:30pm-8:30pm, Jun 24-Jul 29
   XE-483 6325 #6952 Fellowship Hall
(For directions to Fellowship Hall, call 443-518-4659.)

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Social Dancing: Foxtrot and Rhumba
Learn the basic dance steps of Foxtrot and Rhumba. Singles and couples alike learn to dance to some very popular music. Instructor Raymond Clifton has taught all levels of dance, from the beginner to the advanced student, for nearly 30 years. No partner necessary. $65** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 6:30pm-7:30pm, Jun 24-Jul 29
   XE-537 6720 #1477 Fellowship Hall
(For directions to Fellowship Hall, call 443-518-4659.)

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Beginning Folk Guitar
Instructor Vic Ganderson's years of experience with HCC will help you discover your hidden talents. Learn to play traditional and contemporary songs using basic strums including flat picking and finger picking techniques as well as complex chords and progressions. Guitar required. $119** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 7pm-9pm, Jun 24-Aug 12
   XE-301 6401 #7001 Hickory Ridge

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Native American Flute: An Introduction
Playing music lowers stress, clears the mind, inspires creativity, and creates community. Can you imagine learning to play an instrument in as little as one day? An instrument that is portable so it can be taken anywhere? The Native American flute is famous for its hauntingly beautiful sound and is simple to learn! In this class, students will learn basic techniques, including breath control, fingering, and style. Participants will learn enough--in just the first week--to begin playing simple melodies to share with friends and family, or to add a totally new dimension to meditation practice! No prior experience or musical knowledge required. Intermediate and advanced students are welcome. Instructor Angela Blueskies is a graduate of the Peabody Institute and has performed all over the world. In order to guarantee individual attention, class participation is limited to 10 students. Register early! $200** (includes $140 in fees*)
Wed 7pm-9pm, May 13-Jun 17

  XE-668 6932 #1510 Trailer - Administration
   (Materials fee includes handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Native American flute for you to treasure and continue to use after class is completed.)

Tue 6:30pm-9pm, Aug 4-Aug 25
  XE-668 6322 #6997 Trailer - Administration 3
(Materials fee includes handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Native American flute for you to treasure and continue to use after class is completed.)

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Course Notes
*Fees not eligible for waiver.
**Neither XE courses nor their fees are eligible for waiver.
(S) = Supplies needed. Instructor will provide list at first class.
(T) = Textbook recommended or required. Purchase at HCC Bookstore or online before first class.



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