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Noncredit Continuing Education Winter 2015 Courses

NOTE: Room numbers are posted in each building lobby on the day of class.

Directors’ Series: Billy Wilder ★NEW!★
Prolific film director Billy Wilder created some of the most iconic movies of our time in Double Indemnity, The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, Sunset Boulevard, and The Seven Year Itch. The DNA of his films is woven throughout the history and future of cinema. Dive behind the camera and examine the career of the multi-talented filmmaker who remains largely unknown and yet is responsible for the infamous shot of Marilyn Monroe’s billowing dress as well as the chilling line, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”. This course will explore some of his classic films, why they stand the test of time, how these films subverted the studio system in which they were made and Mr. Wilder’s influence on the movies of today. Are you ready for your close-up of Mr. Wilder? $99** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 7pm-9pm, Jan 14-Feb 18
   XE-239 6507 #0399 Oakland Mills High School

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History of Hollywood
Hollywood, once the geographical center of the world’s films, is now merely a concept. From silent movies to talkies to the great studios, learn about this creative mecca, its star system and its personalities. Follow history’s timeline from a Hollywood point of view: the invention of the movie camera; World War II and the production of propaganda films,; censoring issues; subpoenaed testimony by the House on Un-American Activities Committee; and the boycotting of actors, producers, directors and writers who were labeled Communists. What happened to Hollywood as Wall Street took control and television offerings expanded? Instructor Harry Ezratty will explore all of this and talk about the Hollywood of today. $99** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Jan 27-March 3
   XE-216 6620 #9774 Centennial High School

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A Discussion of Architectural Styles
Discover the styles of American buildings, with a Baltimore perspective, from colonial times to the modern era. This course will feature many examples from the Classical 1821 Catholic Cathedral to the Charles Center high rises of the Mid-Century Modern movement. Architect Robert Gisriel, AIA, will be your pictorial guide, describing the historical events, new technology and visual features that define these various styles. $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 7pm-9pm, Feb 23-Mar 2
   XE-586 6595 #9800 Gateway Campus

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The Emerald Isle ★NEW!★
Poetry, history, song, rugged beauty and a people who live up to the pub toast, “Cead Mile Failte” (One hundred thousand welcomes) will all be touched on in this four week course. Topics will range from Ireland’s past such as The Famine and The Troubles to its deep literary traditions rooted in James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Learn about the best places in Dublin to get the craic (enjoyable conversation) and a pint of the dark stuff (Guinness). HCC history instructor and Irish expert, Fred Campbell, will cover all these topics and more in this easily accessible class that will complement your travels to the Emerald Isle. $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 7pm-9pm, Feb 9-Mar 2
   XE-256 6545 #1307 Gateway Campus

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The Aeneid ★NEW!★
Virgil’s classic epic of war, heroes and gods is one of the great heritages of Western civilization. Join Greek and Roman scholar Bill McGowan to discuss the historical setting and significance of The Aeneid. Learn about Aeneus, the Trojan who made his way to Italy and became an ancestor to the Romans. You will read some of the most celebrated episodes in both English and Latin (with translation). No prior knowledge of Latin is required, as Bill will also provide a brief introduction to the language. $79** (includes $40 in fees*)
►Thu 7pm-9pm, Jan 15-Feb 5
   XE-240 6508 #0403 Wilde Lake High School

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Genealogy: Discovering Your Roots
Those who have been doing genealogy research for years are most likely thrilled at all of the new resources available and the ease of genealogy software. However, if you are just starting out, where do you begin? Or, did “life” get in the way of your genealogy and you’d like a refresher course? Let the past guide you to discover your ancestry’ Some of the best as you learn how to access information through texts and web sites. As a Maryland resident, you also have easy access to the world’s greatest genealogical collections. A Saturday field trip (TBA) will be scheduled. Transportation and a minimum entrance fee is student’s responsibility. Instructor: Dottie Aleshire. $139** (includes $40 in fees*)
►Tue 7pm-9pm, Jan 13-Mar 3
   XE-335 6555 #0744 Centennial High School

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Genealogy Beyond the Basics
If you’ve exhausted the usual record search and still haven’t found that missing link to the next generation, it’s time to evaluate your sources and discover some new ones. This intermediate course will introduce you to some underused genealogy resources and will help to refine your strategies for problem solving. To give students a better insight into how to solve his/her individual genealogy problems, students will read specific case studies and offer strategies to resolve certain genealogical challenges. Instructor Dottie Aleshire will offer a “one-on-one” session with each student to assist with difficult research problems. $89** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu 7pm-9pm, Mar 5-Mar 26
   XE-585 6553 #0743 Centennial High School

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Advanced African American Genealogy
Are you ready to take the next step in breaking down those brick walls? Learn the tools to do it. This class is geared towards the intermediate or advanced African American genealogist who is interested in learning more advanced techniques of analysis and methodology. Robyn Smith has been researching, writing and lecturing about her family and others for 14 years. Topics covered will include the importance of source citations, how to do slave research, analyzing conflicting evidence, cluster research and inferential genealogy. Case studies will be utilized with in-class interaction. This will be a fun class but lots of work, so come prepared. Beginning genealogists should not register for this class. $89** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Feb 17-Mar 10
XE-131 6554 #3651 Gateway Campus

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Lingua Latina: Story of the World’s Most Successful Language
In this course, you will learn about the history of the Latin language, the basis of English. It is designed as an introduction to the remarkable story of how Latin grew and spread. During the class sessions, you will chart the expansion of Latin in the Classical world, its renewed importance during the Renaissance and its survival into modern times. It is not your high school language course! Instructor Bill McGowan is both a historian and a scholar of classical languages. $99** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 7pm-9pm, Feb 2-Mar 9 (No class Feb 16)
   XE-167 6556 #9760 Oakland Mills High School

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The Arab World 
Begin to understand the history, culture, geography, and religion of the Arab world. Instructor Melodee Baines has a Ph.D. in international studies, is a Morocco expert and has lived in several Arab countries including Egypt and Jordan. Let her share her expertise and extensive experiences, while you gain knowledge of the Arabic alphabet, the foods, and the various customs of the Arab people. Should you ever have an opportunity to travel to that area of the world, the information gained form this course will prove invaluable. $99** (includes $45 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Jan 27-Feb 24
   XE-213 6604 #9773 Centennial High School

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Course Notes
*Fees not eligible for waiver.
**Neither XE courses nor their fees are eligible for waiver.
(S) =  Supplies needed. Instructor will provide list at first class.
(T) =  Textbook recommended or required. Purchase at HCC Bookstore or online before first class.


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