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Noncredit Continuing Education Winter 2015 Courses

NOTE: Room numbers are posted in each building lobby on the day of class.

12 Week Body Transformation Challenge
For eight years the 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge has helped people lose weight, normalize risk factors and accomplish health and wellness goals. The successful guiding principles of the class are to replace processed foods with real foods. Concerned about health? Want to make a change? Learn about the healing power of real food. In this class you will evaluate your health, set goals, learn and implement a real food diet and exercise program, reevaluate and report. The winner will be chosen by the class based on accomplishment of individual goals. It's a competition with no losers, only winners. No dieting, no pills, no procedures - just real food. Taught by Jim Pirisino, a board certified and licensed nutritionist. $115** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Jan 13-Mar 24
   XE-510 6584 #9794 Centennial High School
   (No class Feb 10-Feb 24, Mar 10 & Mar 17)

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Nutrition 2015: Weight Loss ★NEW!★
Don’t let another year go by without accomplishing your weight loss goals. Since weight gain carries an elevated risk for a long list of ailments and chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes, the first step in correcting your health is weight loss. But why is it so hard to lose weight? Weight gain is the first sign that your metabolic, digestive, and hormonal systems are not functioning properly. To lose weight, correct the underlying cause. In this class, you will learn the real food lifestyle strategies that will help you accomplish your weight loss goals. Replacing the foods that cause metabolic stress with foods that nourish, heal and satisfy, can lead to steady, long term and permanent weight loss without hunger and cravings. No more yo-yo dieting, no diet foods, no pills, no procedures. Taught by Jim Pirisino, a board certified and licensed nutritionist. $69** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Feb 10-Feb 24
   XE-105 6583 #3645 Centennial High School

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Yoga for Challenging Times
Perhaps your challenge is making peace with the world situation, environmental issues, depression, eating disorders, addiction, loss of a loved one, tenuous health, struggles with relationships, or other life difficulties. Yoga will be the vehicle for honoring these challenges and working with the suffering they create. We will use yoga postures, peaceful breathing, deep relaxation, and the meditation practice of Tonglen to find our center. Center is that place of balance, strength, and openness to life in all the ways it shows up. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket to class. Instructor: Helen Heffer. $150** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu 7pm-9pm, Jan 15-Mar 19
XE-544 6597 #3688 Health Sciences Building
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Friday Morning Yoga
Start your Friday with a practice of yoga, during which you will open and calm the body, mind and spirit through a progressive series of yogic breathing, strengthening and stretching exercises. No prior experience is necessary. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket to class. Register for this class alone or together with Explorations in Mindfulness. Instructor: Anjula Batra $119** (includes $40 in fees*)
Fri 9am-10:30am, Jan 23-Mar 13
   XE-148 6550 #9754 Health Sciences Building

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Yoga for Body, Mind, and Spirit
Whether it’s your body you want to stretch and strengthen, or your mind you’d like to focus and quiet, or your spirit you yearn to touch, yoga provides a way to deepen your connection to self/Self. Through breathing techniques, meditation, deep relaxation, as well as the classic yoga poses, we move toward greater peace, compassion, and wholeness. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or yoga mat to class. Instructor: Helen Heffer. $150** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 8:30am-10:30am, Jan 17-Mar 21
   XE-590 6586 #3751 Health Sciences Building

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Meditation and Yoga: Being Yoga Master of the Mind
Meditation is the art of being present, moment to moment as life unfolds, with a calm, centered mind and a loving, compassionate heart. Yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the body are a vehicle for meditation, as well as preparation for stillness and sitting meditation. Through yoga and meditation, we discover the inner power and peace of residing in one’s center. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or yoga mat. Instructor: Helen Heffer. $150** (includes $40 in fees*)
►Sat 10:30am-12:30pm, Jan 17-Mar 21
   XE-309 6585 #9783 Health Sciences Building

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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation works by helping the practitioner achieve a better understanding of what is happening right now – whether positive, negative or neutral – not what they want to happen or what think they should be happening. Recognizing that unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors can undermine emotional, physical and spiritual health, you will learn techniques to reduce stress and stress-related disorders. The class will consist of a presentation, opportunity to participate in guided meditation and time for discussion, questions and answers. Instructor Jerry Hartman is a graduate of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute certificate program, Washington, DC. $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 9am-1pm, Jan 24
   XE-119 6549 #9746 Hickory Ridge

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Learn to calm your mind with stillness meditation, focus your mind with mindfulness meditation and explore your mind with guided meditation. Farhan Qureshi will cover the history, scientific research and pragmatic value of meditation and teach you to incorporate its value into your daily activities. In addition to completing several related courses in mediation, he is earned certification as a meditation teacher by the Meditation Center in Bethesda. $119** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 7pm-9pm, Jan 27-Mar 3
   XE-236 6505 #0394 Wilde Lake High School

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The word Qigong literally means skill or cultivation of vital energy (qi). Traditional Chinese medicine believes that good health is the result of a free-flowing, well-balanced qi (bio-energy) system, while sickness, pain or physical disorders are the result of qi blockage, or unbalanced qi in the body. Qigong practice helps to balance the qi system in the body and break the qi blockages to recover health. It helps you develop a more relaxed, harmonious state of mind and body; reduce stress; resist illness; and heighten sensitivity to your body’s internal organs along with developing an energetic ability to regulate your own health and vitality. You will focus on body posture adjustment and gentle movement, mind-focused relaxation, and breath regulation practice. Instructor: D. Foulk. $125** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 8:30am-9:30am, Jan 17-Mar 7
XE-435 6601 #9788 Health Sciences Building

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T’ai Chi Introduction
Discover T’ai Chi, a form of active meditation that promotes calming, centering, and self-control. Instructor David Foulk introduces you to this practice of meditation and physical exercise, consisting of carefully coordinated, slow, natural movements proven to strengthen your body and mind. When the chi flows in a balanced fashion, you enjoy better physical and emotional health, increased longevity and inner peace. $125** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat 9:30am-10:30am, Jan 17-Mar 7
   XE-843 6451 #9819 Health Sciences Building

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Course Notes
*Fees not eligible for waiver.
**Neither XE courses nor their fees are eligible for waiver.
(S) = Supplies needed. Instructor will provide list at first class.
(T) = Textbook recommended or required. Purchase at HCC Bookstore or online before first class.

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