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Noncredit Continuing Education Fall 2014 & Winter 2015 Courses

Howard Community College and the Howard County Office on Aging offer courses designed for senior adult students of ages 60 and above. If you take classes at a Howard County Senior Center, you will be requested to fill out an emergency contact information sheet for the Howard County Office on Aging.

NOTE: Room numbers are posted in each building lobby on the day of class.

Civil War History: Spies and Women Soldiers
The Civil War produced many unsung heros of the battlefield and the war effort. In this course, students will examine the duties and actions of Civil War Spies and Women Soldiers. Topics will include famous spies, spymasters, spy rings of the Union and the Confederacy, and espionage methods used during the war. In addition, students will examine women soldiers during the Civil War, how they disguised themselves as men, what motivated them to join the war effort, what duties they performed in the service, and what happened to these women when they were discovered. Finally, we will review the famous women soldiers of the war and the impact that these women soldiers and spies had on the outcome of the war. $64 (includes $45 in fees*)
Fri 2pm-4pm, Jan 9-Feb 6
   XI-220 7796 #0395 The Bain Center
(Includes $5 for handouts.)

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The U.S. Presidents: FDR to Kennedy ★NEW!★
Join instructor Patrick Heline for the seventh in a series of courses on the U.S. Presidents. This course focuses on the U.S. Presidents from FDR to Kennedy. The course will analyze their terms in office by examining the policies, programs and legacies of each President. $79 (includes $45 in fees*)
Fri 2pm-4pm, Feb 27-Mar 27
XI-242 7795 #0427 The Bain Center
(Includes $5 fee for handouts.)

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Philosophy: Ideas and Their Consequences ★NEW!★
Streams and systems of thought impact how people interact with their culture. This course provides an overview of major philosophical developments, from Socrates to the modern Richard Dawkins. Topics include: ancient philosophers; Christian thinkers; rationalism and empiricism; skepticism and existentialism; naturalism; new atheism and new answers. Instructor Patrick Dempsey, M.B.A., M.M.A., M.Div. $79 (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm, Feb 11-Mar 18
   XI-245 7807 #0611 The Bain Center

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World Religions ★NEW!★
This course focuses on the foundations of many of the major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, The course also examines the emerging religions of the modern era, particularly human secularism. Topics include Nihilism v. Theism; the Yogic tradition, the Abrahamic tradition and Modern Religions. Instructor Patrick Dempsey, M.B.A., M.M.A., M.Div. $69 (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 10am-12pm, Feb 23-Mar 16
   XI-244 7806 #0614 Glenwood Community Center

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Contemporary American Short Stories ★New Evening Class★
Do you ever wonder who the up-and-coming fiction writers are? Reading the best short stories is a good place to start. In this five-week course, you will read and discuss short stories from the book, The Best American Short Stories of 2013 (editor Elizabeth Strout). Please bring a copy of the book with you to class and read The Semplica Girl Diaries by George Saunders before the first class session. Instructor: George Clack $79 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu 6pm-8pm, Feb 12-Mar 12
   XI-153 7809 #0610 The Bain Center

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Essential Baby Boomer Fiction ★NEW!★
The front edge of American’s Baby Boom generation - those born between 1946 and 1964 – is now well into its 60s. Beatniks and hippies, the civil rights movement, the pill, gay liberation, the Vietnam War, anti-war protestors, and Woodstock – Baby Boomers have experienced them all. In this course, we will read and discuss five iconic works of fiction that zero in on the turbulent transition from the Eisenhower years to the 1960s. The novels are: Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin; On the Road by Jack Kerouac; Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey; and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Please read Giovanni’s Room before you come to the first class. Instructor George Clack has taught many courses in literature in the 60+ program at HCC. He has an M.A. in English and American Literature. $79 (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon 10am-12pm, Jan 12-Mar 9
   XI-241 7783 #0423 Gateway Campus
(Class meets every other week.

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Politics, Culture and Society in the Weimar Republic ★NEW!★
This class focuses on Germany between World War I and the emergence of Hitlers Third Reich in 1933. Topics will include Germany’s defeat in the Great War and its impact on German psyche; Weimar democracy; modernism in art and architecture; Berlin’s cabaret culture and its political and social satire, anti-semitism and die neue Frau and German feminism. Join Lou Gimelli for a lively discussion on an often neglected area of German history and culture. $11** (fee based, no waivers)
Fri 10am-12pm, Nov 14
   XE-210 7754 #8876 Gateway Campus
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A Closer Look At Abstract Expressionism ★NEW!★
Was Abstract Expressionism hazardous to the lives of the practicing artists? Several of the artists painting in this style in New York City became alcoholics. Nervous breakdowns and depression were also common among this group of painters. Was there a link between this style of art and health issues? This course will examine abstract expressionism and the lives of artists painting in this style in the 1940s and 1950s. We will study the art of Willem de Koonig, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and others. Instructor: Ann Wiker $20** (fee based, no waivers)
Thu 10am-12pm, Mar 19-Mar 26
   XE-251 7804 #0464 Gateway Campus

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Art As a Protest Mechanism ★NEW!★
Created in response to the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, Picasso’s work Guernica was his only politically charged painting. Dada was an art movement born out of the negative reaction to the horrors of World War I. The Guerilla Girls are an anonymous group of feminist, female artists devoted to fighting sexism and racism in the art world. Object Orange is an artistic project in Detroit, Michigan which seeks to draw attention to dilapidated buildings by painting them orange. These are all examples of visual art as a means of protest. This course will explore how artists throughout history have used visual imagery to raise attention for political and cultural issues. Instructor: Ann Wiker $79 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu 10am-12pm, Jan 22-Feb 26
   XI-243 7805 #0463 Gateway Campus

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Creative Collage ★NEW!★
Try your hand at a new art technique as you combine painting, photographs and other medium to create a unique collage. This class is suitable for all levels – from beginning to advanced artists. Please bring a blank, stretched artist’s canvas up to 11 x 14 inches with you to class along with scissors, photocopies of photos, old letters, magazines, newspaper and thin lace or fabrics. Instructor will bring paints and other supplies for in-class use. Class size is limited, please register early. $55** (fee based, no waivers)
Mon 10am-12pm, Jan 26-Feb 23 (No class Feb 16)
   XE-253 7810 #0729 The Bain Center

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Million Dollar Art Market ★NEW!★ 
Are you mystified when you read about a painting selling at auction for $142 million? Are you puzzled when collectors spend $12 million on a shark encased in cubes of formaldehyde? This course traces the beginning or the modern art market with the Scull auction of 1972, through the stock market driven collecting of the 80s and the dominance of the Japanese buyers at Impressionist auctions, to the current globalization of the art market. We will explore how the art market exploded and discuss whether the unregulated art market is sustainable. $11** (fee based, no waivers)
Mon 1pm-3pm, Nov 10-Nov 17
   XE-214 7758 #9134 Ellicott City Senior Center
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Pottery: Form, Function, and Design
The instructor welcomes students of all levels to this class. You will enjoy the opportunity to shape your own creations as you work on a variety of projects. Learn about glazing, hand building, and advanced decorating techniques(s). The instructor is a professional potter. Limited enrollment; please register early! Instructor: Donna Lansman. $90 (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue 10am-12pm, Dec 9-Feb 24 (No class Dec 23 & Dec 30)
   XI-655 7741 #5878 The Bain Center
Fri 10am-12pm, Dec 12-Feb 27 (No class Dec 26 & Jan 2)
   XI-655 774 #5879 The Bain Center
Tue 10am-12pm, Mar 17-May 26 (No class May 5)
   XI-655 7780 #9656 The Bain Center
Fri 10am-12pm, Mar 13-May 22 (No class Apr 3 & May 5)
   XI-655 7779 #9657 The Bain Center

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SWEAT (Senior Water Exercise and Aquatic Training)
Are you looking for a way to work out without a lot of impact on your joints? In this class you can improve physical fitness though exercise in a aquatic environment. A variety of workouts will be used in the shallow as well as the deep end of the pool. Swimming skill is not mandatory, but you should feel comfortable in the water. No tuition waivers for this course. $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Fri 10am-11am, Jan 16-Mar 13
   XE-154 7771 #9642 Athletic & Fitness Center

Fri 9am-10am, Jan 16-Mar 13
   XE-154 7772 #9643 Athletic & Fitness Center

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Senior Aquatic Wellness
Improve your fitness and health. Learn how to monitor your pulse rate, recognize heart rate zone and expand your range of motion. Classes meet in the HCC pool, located at the Athletic & Fitness Center. $145 (includes $89 in fees*)
Mon,Wed 9am-10am, Jan 12-Mar 16 (No class Jan 19)
   ZB-433 7781 #0326 Athletic & Fitness Center
Tue,Thu 10am-11am, Jan 13-Mar 12
   ZB-433 7782 #0328 Athletic & Fitness Center

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Deep Water Fitness
For mature adults seeking a total body workout to increase aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and flexibility without any impact or stress on the joints. Deep water training also offers improvements in balance and posture by creating a substantial challenge to the core muscles. Participants must be comfortable in deep water wearing flotation equipment that will be provided. No tuition waivers for this course. $135** (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon,Wed 10am-11am, Jan 12-Mar 16 (No class Jan 19)
   XE-250 7774 #9645 Athletic & Fitness Center
Tue,Thu 11am-12pm, Jan 13-Mar 12
   XE-250 7773 #9644 Athletic & Fitness Center

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Better Health and Wellness for Senior Adults
Learn how to improve your cardiovascular system, muscle strength and endurance, coordination and balance. The instructor will combine fitness training with health education to improve your health and wellness. $88 (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon,Wed,Fri 9:30am-10:50am, Nov 12-Dec 22
   XH-752 7736 #5865 The Bain Center
(No class Nov 26 & Nov 28)
Tue,Thu 1pm-2:20pm, Nov 13-Jan 27
   XH-752 7737 #5866 The Bain Center
(No class Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 23, Dec 25, Dec 30 &  Jan 1)

Mon,Wed,Fri 9:30am-10:50am, Jan 12-Feb 20
   XH-752 7776 #9649 The Bain Center
(No class Jan 19 & Feb 16)
Tue,Thu 1pm-2:20pm, Feb 10-Apr 14
   XH-752 7777 #9650 The Bain Center
(No class Mar 10, Mar 31 & Apr 2)
Mon,Wed,Fri 9:30am-10:50am, Mar 2-Apr 8
   XH-752 7778 #9651 The Bain Center
(No class Apr 3)

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Course Notes
*Fees not eligible for waiver.
**Neither XE courses nor their fees are eligible for waiver.
(S) = Supplies needed. Instructor will provide list at first class.
(T) = Textbook recommended or required. Purchase at HCC Bookstore or online before first class.

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